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Weddings and Honeymoons

We have hosted very successful weddings, the venue and beautiful environment lends itself to a very special wedding destination. Weddings, generally tend to be done with preference to total exclusivity of the lodge for family and friends, accommodating up to 30 people. A ‘honeymoon’ suite for the Bride and Groom has been erected on the end of a point, with total privacy a priority, a private beach, indoor plunge pool and outstanding views out to sea.

We host the wedding ceremony and reception in their entirety. Service with either or both the official Tanzanian ceremony or multi religious blessed services; champagne, and drinks, dinners and all the trimmings. We can also recommend local professional wedding photographers for you to choose from.


The ‘Hermit Suite’, so named because of the countess hermit crabs scurrying around… The Suite is reached via a wooden deck-way through pristine coastal forest and over a tidal pool under huge mangrove trees which form the backdrop and lead into the suite on a coral rag cliff with amazing frontal views and cool sea breezes keeping the huge room comfortable. Totally private, out on a point with steps down to it’s small, sheltered sandy beach. The roomy suite, with an indoor plunge pool and a sunny basking deck, is furnished to taste and exquisite bathroom facilities, toilet and shower views and a private butler service.