Your rooms are open, is it safe?

Yes, widows have basket work screens and we are located in a safe area. We also have guards during both day and night. There is a lockable store room in every room should you want safe storage.

The galagos make distinctive sounds at night and can often be heard moving in the trees or on the roofs.

What electricity is available in the rooms? 

There are lights, a solar fan and USB ports in the rooms. We do not have plug points in the rooms because we are not on the national grid.

Do you cater for specific dietary preferences?

Yes, we cater for all. Please kindly send us your dietary requirements at the time of booking.

Is it suitable for children?

Yes, it is a paradise for them! Swimming in the bay at high tide is safe and sheltered, with no strong currents, riptides or sea urchins.

Do you have a pool?

Yes we have a fresh water pool.

Are there dangerous sea creatures?

Bad jelly fish are uncommon. We do have lion fish and scorpion fish but they are rare, especially the scorpion fish. Sharks are not as issue. There are sea urchins in the deeper water and rock pools, but they are not present along the beaches and around the dining and room areas.

How far away do we need to go and snorkel?

You can snorkel from the shore at the lodge, both at high and low tide, or, you can also head out to the outer reefs and sand islands (about 10km offshore by dhow).

Can I rent snorkelling equipment?

Yes, we do have sets for hire but prefer you to please bring your own (flippers not necessary).

What is the weather like?

We have two main seasons: the ‘Kusi’ (south trades) and the ‘Kaskasi’ (north trades). The Kusi starts soon after the rainy season in May/June and runs through to November/December. It then changes to the Kaskasi, with winds coming from the north.

Temperatures are generally warm (mid 20s-30s °C). The hottest part of the year is January-March, before the main rains. Humidity can be a factor most of the year and can get up to 90%.

Are bugs a problem?

The biggest annoyance comes from grass mosquitoes which are active at dusk (they leave when it gets darker). Malarial mosquitoes are not too bad. Often fire flies will magically light up, creating natures’ own fire work display, often around your mosquito net.

Do you have wifi and phone service?

Yes. The Wifi has limited bandwidth and perfect for checking emails and general surfing. Mobile phones can be used in many areas around the lodge, data dongles work too.

What wildlife do you have? 

We are still completing checklists, but we do have Suni, Red Duiker, Bushbuck, Bush Pigs, Galagos and monkeys (Sykes, Colobus, Vervet as well as baboons). There is also a giant squirrel which we have not been able to identify. We have great birding, with some hard to find species, and multiple types of crab scurrying around.

Can we visit local villages?

Certainly. The villagers often have weddings and other occasions where they mostly enjoy having outsiders. They are always happy to take people on walks around the village. Read more about student projects in the local villages here.

What payment methods are there? 

We prefer prior bank transfers and also take Tanzanian Shillings and major currencies in cash. We can take Visa and Mastercard payments onsite but note, that these incur a bank fee. There are several ATMs in Tanga town, and at Kasera (district HQ) about 15km away.

Where is the nearest fuel station?

There are multiple fuel stations in Tanga, one at Manza (15km from FEP) and another at Duga, nearer the Kenya border (about 20km away). We do not have fuel for sale onsite. Please kindly ensure that you have enough for your onward journey.

Is there a bar? 

Yes, we have a fully licensed bar. Please kindly note that a corkage fee applies if you bring your own drinks.

Do you allow daily picnickers?

Unfortunately we do not allow daily picnickers. If you would like to come for lunch please arrange this with us in advance.