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Where and what do you offer…

Firstly, we are NOT an airconditioned, tiled, 5 star resort with all those ‘package tour hotel’ unnecessary luxuries! What you CAN expect is a laid back eco friendly resort on a remote, tropical coast in Northern Tanzania, where we provide roomy comforts, good honest warm service, tasty wholesome meals, cold drinks, good value all at a very reasonable price.

What are the top ten reasons to come to Fish Eagle Point?

1. You have had enough of being one of countless on the beach, each having your turn to be harassed by touts…

2. Being bombarded with rubbish trinkets, shells, boat trips, good deals, etc does not spell ‘vacation’ to you…

3. You understand that our remoteness is pure, simple and unique…

4. You don’t mind the spring high tide almost lapping onto your verhanda…

5. You know that there are fresh, tasty meals with no real bother what time you arrive for breakfast…

6. Early tea or coffee on your verandah, blinking into the mornings sun, soothed by fresh sea breezes while being serenaded by scores of birds appeals to you…

7. Where you can switch off your other life totally… just chill, in a special place, in natures gardens where we have no need of manicured landscaping…

8. Snorkel or swim when you please, or choose your own little beach…

9. Exploring the unique coastal forests, mangroves, secluded beaches, rock pools, reefs, saltwater flats, etc…

10. The new tarred road, no ferry, various daily flight and bus connections from Dar and Arusha making it easy makes to get here!

Oh and we do aim to make it a truly memorable and relaxing break for you and the family!

Will I get bored?

Well only if you’re boring! There is so much to do, but most folks with busy plans when they arrive, end up ‘chilling’ a lot more than they had expected! This is an enchanting place to be, inevitably you will succumb to its laid back charm!

How far away do we need to go and snorkel?

You don’t need to go anywhere… We have great snorkeling at both high and low tide right around the lodge. Including amazing unique live coral amongst the mangroves! Most folks, however, do also head out to the outer reefs and sand islands about 10km offshore.

Can I rent snorkeling equipment?

We prefer you to bring your own, but we do have a few sets for hire.

I hear there are plenty of shells on your beaches, can we take some home?

NO! We strongly discourage this. The reason you don’t see shells on other beaches is ‘coz they have ended up elsewhere gathering dust. We simply will not allow this to happen here. Hermit crabs and the like use the shells, not to mention – our beaches are made up of broken shells!

Do you have a pool?

Yes we have a fresh water pool. 9x5m wide and 1,2m at the shallow end. We do not have a lifeguard.

Do you have any boating?

We have a dhow (with back up outboard motors). We also have kayaks, including specialised fishing kayaks from South Africa. A deep sea fishing boat as well as a traditional ngalau.

Do you cater for vegetarians and other dietary preferences?

We try hard to make everyone comfortable, and as long as we have advance warning we will do everything possible to cater for all.

Do you have safe ice?

Yes, due to our power system, most of our ice is made in Tanga and transported out, its therefore expensive so we do not offer bulk ice for cool-boxes etc, but certainly is freely available for drinks.

You say you are remote… do you have wildlife?

We are a far cry from the Serengeti, however we are privileged to have pristine coastal forest which has its own specialties. We are still completing checklists, however we do have bushbuck, suni, red duiker, sykes and vervet monkeys, bushpig and squirrels including a large squirrel we are still trying to name, bush babies (nightapes or galago) which may well wake you up at night with their screams and often shuttle through the rooms on the beams! We also have great birding with some hard to find species. Every imaginable type of crab, mangrove, hermit, big small colourful you name it, will keep you well entertained!

Do you have air conditioning and can I bring a hair dryer?

No. We are not on the national grid, and produce our own power through solar and generator. Therefore power for unnecessary luxuries is not available. Our rooms are open and invite in the fresh sea breezes, typically nature provides the A/C for us!

How do we pay and in what currency?

We take major currencies and obviously TShs, our prices are quoted in USD and current exchanges used. We do have a credit card facility for VISA and MASTERCARD, which can be temperamental, please be sure to confirm prior to your visit. We now also have an online credit card payment facility.

Where is the closest ATM?

Tanga (50km) has several, most banks have machines.

What happens if I want to stay longer than planed?

This happens frequently, and we obviously make every effort to accommodate you!

Are there other places to stay or eat nearby?

No, on both counts, we are remote and hence we offer only full board accommodation.

Are there beach touts and other aggravating people selling stuff on the beach?

No, you may have the odd fisherman to chat to or who may offer you some of his catch…We object to anyone selling shells or other such sea creatures which belong in the sea!

Your rooms are open… is it safe?

We have made it as safe as possible, we do have ‘askaris’ day and night. Each room, has a lockable safe store where you can keep your belongings while you are out relaxing or exploring.

Do you have scuba diving?

Yes, as of April of 2015, we have begun diving operations with professional equipment, with certified compressors and instruction (both PADI and NAUI).

We have conducted several exploratory dives within two kilometers of FEP and found some wonderful reefs mostly within the 10-18m range. The divers have found huge Barrel sponges over a meter and a half high and half a meter wide, with colourful whip corals and countless fish species… See report on Activities page.

Can we visit local villages?

Yes certainly and we and the villagers encourage it. The Swahili have a very laid back lifestyle, and often have weddings or other occasions where they mostly enjoy having outsiders. They are however conservative Muslims and therefore their customs respected (for instance, ladies need to cover up before entering the villages and always ask before taking photos).

Do we need vaccinations to enter Tanzania?

At this time if you are entering from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda you will need a yellow fever certificate, or you may be vaccinated at the border post. Check before leaving home.

Is Fish Eagle Point suitable for children?

Yes, it’s not only suitable its a paradise for them! As an adult you will be jealous your folks did not find a vacation spot like it!! Obviously being on the ocean they will need supervision.

Do you have wifi and telephone service?

Yes, via satellite, with very limited bandwidth so wifi is only for general surfing and emailing purposes, not for downloading files, movies, computer updates etc. Cell phones are useable from most areas around the lodge, also with data (some with 3G).

Hows the weather and the bugs?

We certainly have no control over either… wish we did, however they are a fact of life and with us on their appointed seasonal passages ..

We have two main seasons,’Kusi’ (south trades) and the ‘Kaskasi’ (north trades), the Kusi starts soon after the rainy season May/June and runs through to Nov/Dec when it changes to the Kaskasi with winds coming in from east then north, this is the better fishing season! Temperatures are generally warm, shouldn’t need a jumper most of the year… (mid 20’s – mid 30’s C), it heats up, in Jan-March, before the main rains, and humidity too can be a factor most of the year, up to 90%.

As for bugs… yes we do have some mosquitoes and other critters, but thankfully they are minimal considering where we are! The biggest annoyance can come from grass mosquitoes which are around before dusk but leave as it darkens. Often the fire flies will magically light up, creating natures own fire work display, often in and around your mosquito net..

Do you have dangerous jelly fish and other nasty sea creatures…

Yes, luckily bad jelly fish are very uncommon. The worst being the Blue Bottles (Portuguese man of war). We do have lion fish and scorpion fish, however again they are rare, especially the scorpion fish. Sharks are not as issue. Rays are also present however however easily avoidable. Our biggest problem are the sea urchins which are thick only in the deeper water, thankfully not present along the beaches and around the mess and room areas.

How far from Tanga are you?

We are exactly 48km from Tanga town, for 38km the road is new black top which should make the trip 30-40 mins to Vuo, beware police with new Radar guns! At the turnoff (posted) another 10km of dirt road will get you to FEP

We also offer a dhow ride to and from Tanga taking 2-3 hrs, this is a great way to start your holiday! Tanga is serviced by planes from Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar(three daily), and a single daily flight to and from Arusha (see Coastal Aviation and Tropical Air). We also have many buses too, from all regional centers descending on Tanga, the buses from Mombasa will drop you off at our turn off, where a vehicle will be waiting (prior arrangement necessary).

Do you supply fuel for travellers, if not where is the nearest fuel station?

No we do not have fuel for sale, you should arrive with enough fuel to get you back south to Tanga or north to Ukunda in Kenya. No doubt with the new road, new fuel stops will blossom…

Do you serve alcohol?

Yes we have a full licensed bar with cold drinks to suit most folks! If there is anything you prefer out of the ordinary, please ask if we have. We prefer you DO NOT bring your own poison, with thanks.

Do you allow daily picnickers?

No we do not. We only accept day visitors by prearrangement for lunch.