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Active activities…

IMG 6052 300x225 Active activities...There is so much to do on our doorstep… swimming and snorkelling at all times; Kayaking at high tide into the mangroves and beyond

We have three main snorkelling sites within easy reach of the lodge. Firstly, just to the north at high tide only, IMG 6485 300x225 Active activities...the spectacular mangrove coral gardens – deep into the mangroves, uncommon and full of wonderful minute life forms including nudibanks, shrimp (including Harlequin shrimp). Secondly the house reef out front on the lodge, a series of coral bommies at 1-2 m at low tide so very easy snorkelling with zero current. Third is a long (low tide) snorkel to the south, on the ledge which is a little deeper at 2-4 m with a little current.

Tide pooling this coastline is fascinating, life within the pools, past proof of IMG 6147 300x200 Active activities...ocean life embedded in the prehistoric cliff faces, birding and much more….

Birdlife is varied, offshore and onshore birds, waders, forrest dwellers, migrants and more including ‘hard to FEP birds new house1 300x208 Active activities...see’ species are seen on a daily basis. Not an hour away are the Eastern Arc mountains which is a ‘birding mecca’!

We do have a small selection of kayaks for exploring, either by IMG 5896 300x200 Active activities...yourselves or guided.  The trips into the solitude of the mangroves is inspiring to say the least!