Diving and Snorkelling

We normally have a dive master and instructor for both PADI and NAUI courses (book in advance please). You can snorkel from the shore or head out on a dhow to the sand islands. This area is pristine and undiscovered, swimming is possible all year round.


Kayaking around the coastline with its mangrove forests and amazing coral rock formations is definitely worth the effort. Stronger kayakers can also go around the large bays. 


There are many species in the mangroves and coastal forest. Several pairs of fish eagles reside here, as well as storks, wading birds, herons, palm nut vultures, crab plovers and so many more… The famed Eastern Usumbaras (including Amani nature reserve) and southern Mkomazi National Park are excellent bird watching spots and are within an hours’ drive.

The Africa Naturalists Foundation has written a stellar article on the bird watchers delights to be found at Fish Eagle Point. Find the article here!

Dhow Trips

The sand island is 10km offshore (40-60 minutes) in an Arab style dhow. You will see oceanic birds, flying fish, dolphins and tuna from the boat. The snorkelling around the sand island is special. Sightings of whales are numerous from late July to October when they migrate south toward the far away southern oceans.

Swimming Pool 

We have a freshwater swimming pool close to the main veranda area. 

German and British Fort 

There is an unlisted military fort on the southern end of the peninsula, built by the Germans (WWI) and later used by the British (WWII) when a submarine loop was set up at the fort to detect the Japanese, as well as a scout plane carrying submarines. Read more about the fort here

Amboni Caves

The Amboni caves, between Tanga and Fish Eagle Point, are the most extensive limestone caves in East Africa and one Tanzania’s natural marvels. Sadly there is little official support for them, but they are well worth a visit. Read more about them here.


Fishing is part of the way of life on the Swahili coast, we promote sustainable and responsible fishing. Besides the fish which we use for food, we practise catch and release fishing. We specialise in jigging, popping and drift fishing. Basic equipment is provided although fishermen should preferably bring their own specialised gear.