”Unspoilt and unpretentious Fish Eagle Point…they have successfully protected a small area of spray-bevelled coral rag forest, into which the few bandas have been loving secreted” African Naturalists

Karibu Fish Eagle Point

We are an eco-lodge situated in a secluded and pristine part of Northern Tanzania, 50 KM from Tanga, Tanzania and 150 KM from Mombassa, Kenya.

Minimum environmental impact

Our main aim is to protect the unique and beautiful environment around us.

The lodge was built using traditional building methods, all construction materials have been locally sourced.

We use solar power, collect rain water, provide organic locally-made soaps and shampoos in our rooms and are on our way to producing some of our own food.

Our food primarily comes from fishermen and farmers in the villages around the lodge and the mountains near Tanga.

The beach-front cottages are backed by coastal forest and surrounded by mangroves and ancient coral cliffs.

Unique eco-system

The coastal forest around us is swarming with birdlife. It also provides a home for the elusive suni, bush pig and bushbuck as well as giant squirrels, monkeys and baboons.

We are lucky enough to have turtles that hatch on the beach, fantastic snorkelling right from the shore and an interesting coastline with rock pools, caves and fossilised giant clams.

There are walking trails in and around us, including a Mangrove walk and a hike up nearby Kulu hill, which has fantastic views of the bay.

Where are we? 

We can be easily reached by car, public transport, boat and public transport. The nearby Tanga Airport is serviced by regular flights from the Tanzanian mainland and islands. More about how to reach us here.